The legally binding digital onboarding for Europe: SignatureID with QES


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Minimise drop-offs and reach exceptional conversion rates thanks to the streamlined video identification and biometrics technology. 
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Take your new onboarding live with our pre-coded integration framework. Seamless, customisable, and incredibly easy. 
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Achieve long-term compliance with the highest KYC/AML regulations to remotely operate locally and in every EU country. As legally binding as face2face and wet-ink signatures.
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Reach customers anywhere in Europe and take your company’s growth to the next level thanks to customer-centric process automatisation. 
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Sign up more than 500M clients across Europe in a single flow


With SignatureID with QES, your clients are digitally onboarded through your app or web with a Qualified Electronic Signature based on a Video Identification, just as if they were there signing in front of you.


Use the type of QES that better adapts to your needs: either single use certificates for an onboarding or long term certificates for multiple signatures across four years time


What your clients see: a quick, easy and fully digital registration flow they can complete through any device at any time.


What you see: great conversion of clients onboarded automatically with the highest level of compliance and security. 

Introducing SignatureID with QES

A technology ahead of its time built to boost conversion and security


Real-time video processing

The onboarding process is analysed by the AI, recorded, and double-checked by a qualified agent on the spot, ensuring full compliance and UX. 


Deep learning biometrics

Our biometric comparison software allows you to univocally identify customers’ faces with the highest accuracy in the market. 



IDs verification across Europe

The AI module recognizes and processes documents, ensuring compliance with legal requirements across all European countries.


Instant OCR Data extraction

All data is extracted while carrying out more than 20 verification & authentication checks in real-time ensuring full data integrity and traceability.

Market leaders trust us since 2016

"As a 100% digital bank, we needed a partner that could provide us with the best solution in terms of user experience, security and compliance, while understanding our business and needs."

Javier Sánchez

Head of Accounts and Mortgages @ MyInvestor

"By partnering with Signicat, we found a one-stop shop for all our identity needs. With the full range of identity management services provided by Signicat, we have now created our own Bank Norwegian identity that gives our customers a seamless experience without compromising on security."

Bank Norwegian, a part of NOBA Bank Group

Electronic IDentification (A Signicat Company): disruptive digital onboarding for EU's market leaders. 


With a double accreditation as a Qualified eTrust Service Provider and Certification Authority, Electronic IDentification's technology can remotely verify customers in real time and without human intervention.


This eIDAS-compliant process allows companies to operate online with the same level of legal enforceability as in face-to-face processes, even in high-risk operations. 


Try the onboarding built for leading companies that's loved by clients.