The Key Role of KYC in Fintech: 

Two Things You Should Know Before Onboarding New Customers.

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This guide will help you to: 


  • Unwrap the key role of digital identification in the Fintech industry. 
  • Learn how to identify clients with the Qualified eSignature based on automatic Video Identification, the most disruptive, secure, and UX-centric KYC technology. 
  • Boost your growing speed while complying across the EU. 
  • Understand the EU AML regulation and how you can easily comply with it. 

& much more! 


Electronic IDentification (A Signicat Company): disruptive digital onboarding for EU's market leaders. 


With a double accreditation as a Qualified eTrust Service Provider and Certification Authority, Electronic IDentification's technology can remotely verify customers in real time and without human intervention.


This eIDAS-compliant process allows companies to operate online with the same level of legal enforceability as in face-to-face processes, even in high-risk operations. 


Try the onboarding built for leading companies that's loved by clients.

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